My Work on a Newspaper

If I say add new from the top plus sign in the blue square there is a margin on the left. I don’t get it. So trying again. Here is the image of the early MAINE PROGRESSIVE paper that I was to redesign.

So this would be or could be a portfolio item with the layout determined by regular wordpress within the GeneratePress Theme. The portfolio item would be the big heading and the blocks below would add information about the item. In this case it is actually about the “MAINE PROGRESSIVE” newspaper that I worked on back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

LEFT: This is  a “before” photo of one of the issues of the “MAINE PROGRESSIVE” newspaper that I was tasked to redesign and do the layout for the pages. This was back in the wax and paste up days on actual paper. The computer was used to type up the galleys and they were cut and laid out. Ads were created to size and pasted up. It was tedious, but online working on a computer, you could see the whole thing without having to squint and scroll to see it all.