Wider Than Wide

So I got a new wide angle lens, A room shot is kind of distorted so I wanted to make a panorama out of a few non-distorted, not so wide shots. So I used my new tripod and took 6 shots from one point in the photo that was near the left side.

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R.I.P. Tippy

(March 6, 2006 – August 24, 2020)

It’s silly, in a way, to write this. Probably no one will read it, and if they do, he’s just another dog in the life. He was just another dog in my life too, but he rose above the other dogs somehow. I didn’t plan it, and I didn’t look at him and say, “You are going to be with me for 14 years and we are going to leave Maine together and go to the West coast.” I never said that, but we did and he was kind of the thread tethering me to that other life, the one that’s gone, he was the only living piece of it left and now he’s gone too.

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I’m so sick of Covid

I have lived in what has been a slow, but evolutionary normal for 76.92 years, 76 years plus 11 months. In this speedily evolving and so-called new normal I know I won’t be alive to see the end of it. It might as well be considered the end now. There aren’t enough years left in my life to find out if it ever gets better. And what would be better?

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So I’m trying this out to see if I can just post instagram pictures and not update my website. Well, it isn’t exactly what I expected. I think there must be something better.

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First Snow in Six Years

Finally the snow came to Port Townsend. They just leave it here, they just figure it will melt pretty soon and so what if the roads are impassable. People should stay home. It’s a good thing it’s Saturday.

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