Pandora’s Swatches

So I opened the box today after moving other boxes to the top of the pile in my so called closet. Now the pile of boxes and bags is about 12 feet tall I hope it doesn’t fall on anyone. It looked like someone (that would have been me) had sorted the swatches into a few bags, and then

thrown a bunch into the bottom of the box loose. I could not tell what the sorting method could have been. Knowing me it would have been favorites put together, or type of yarn, or subject matter or style…I really could not guess at this point.

another little pile of swatches
another little pile of swatches

The new sorting I see that I will have to do is to weed out the super cute animals and in your face attempts at creating some kind of scene. I have outgrown my liking of them, but the swatches that still look kind of like background no-prints might work together. So maybe the next sort will be to group the more traditional looking knitted pieces together and ditch the animals…well, maybe a cow could work. There are many hundreds of them and I don’t have the space anywhere in my house to lay them out to decide, so I will put this idea off for another time.

Here are some of the swatches I laid out and photographed. They are still all crumpled and wrinkled from being in the box so many years. I have no memory of making some of them and am amazed that I would, others I remember and still like. I designed all the graphs and have them still on mylar sheets wondering if I can scan them and sell them on Ravelry. Just a thought.


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