Reading and Deleting

 Marketing Email

The email ads say “Reinvent Yourself” or “Jumpstart Your Career” or “Make It Big in 2016” and all I want to do is be myself and keep my career on a steady path, or at least idling. I’ve made it big enough and it doesn’t last. I have gotten to points where I wanted to reinvent myself, or what I called wanting to “change my life” which was the “old school” way to say it I guess. And I have and I did and it’s impossible. Being me is all I can do.

But there is a missing element. What is me? It’s not about “Who am I?” It’s about what is in me that matters. That counts. That transcends the old age and the ability (or current inability) to get a job. That is the part of me that is the engine of the who that I am.

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First Day of Class

When I went to the bathroom…into the bathroom…this is what I wrote on paper afterwards. That’s why I can’t keep writing on paper. I have been typing too long.

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