Hurricane Ridge and Eclipse Viewing

I had wanted to be in Oregon for the eclipse. It would have been a visit to see Boo, since she lives right in the totality line. But it was rather far to go for a 15-minute viewing. So this Hurricane Ridge viewing area was spectacular. There were hundreds of people there. A little local ad hoc eclipse community forming around a 15-minute event.

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Seeing double

So far the double exposure idea has ended up having sheep in all of them. The idea was to combine my former life (olden days) with my current one, to kind of mirror my thoughts every day as I walk down the street or go to work. The images are all of sheep. Sheep on the ferry or in place of the ferry, sheep on the blank alley wall, sheep in the water and sheep on the road.

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Getting To The Point

January 25, 2016. In a dark, dark box.

There’s this trunk I have that has been kept in many places, used for a “table” for my printer or books since somewhere around 1991-1993 when I quit knitting and left the home I thought I would always live in.

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