Sixteen things…almost

Off to school today, no radio, quiet, I’m going out to feed the chickens.

Sixteen Objects that represent me….hmmmm…

  1. a wall of sheep art, posters, postcards that I took down when I saw my divorce coming
  2. a barn full of sheep munching their grain with the radio playing the early morning news
  3. a garden of vegetables and flowers, artfully laid out with the seedlings starting to peek out above the dirt
  4. shelves full of clothes that don’t hang in the closet and never get worn
  5. bags full of jeans that are too small for me now
  6. dogs on the bed taking up too much room and if there is room they plop down touching me to make sure there is no space between us
  7. my mother’s piano music I inherited with her piano when she died that I was afraid to look at because she didn’t like to hear me playing her music
  8. the stuffed hawk that used to be on a shelf in my grandfather’s camp and the painted rocks that used to be part of his stone fireplace
  9. the glass fronted bookcases holding junk and books now, that belonged to my grandmother that were given to her when the lawyer she worked for retired 
  10. my blue VW jetta
  11. 398 River Road
  12. my three computers and why do I need them

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