Hurricane Ridge and Eclipse Viewing

I had wanted to be in Oregon for the eclipse. It would have been a visit to see Boo, since she lives right in the totality line. But it was rather far to go for a 15-minute viewing. So this Hurricane Ridge viewing area was spectacular. There were hundreds of people there. A little local ad hoc eclipse community forming around a 15-minute event.

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Going to Seattle

I had been wanting to see what it was like to get to Seattle without a car. It was a trip. I mean it felt like going on a trip. If I had been driving it would have felt like driving to Seattle. This felt like I was taking a trip. It was different.

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my bobbin

Spinning on My Mind

These are some photos of the Hansencrafts e-spinner retreat at the studio of Judith Mackenzie near where I live now. Not that it needed a name but they (Judith and Beth Hansen) called it Linsey-Woolsey (noun: a strong, coarse fabric with a linen or cotton warp and a woolen weft. ORIGIN: late 15th century: from linsey, originally denoting a coarse linen fabric (probably from Lindsey, a village in Suffolk, England, where the material was first made) + wool + –sey as a rhyming suffix). Very homey and nostalgic.

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