Ferry on Thanksgiving Day

Lots of nice people at the ferry today. I can’t believe I was driving to work at 4:55 am. Some people said, “Thank you for working today.” Mr. Rosecrantz one of the town politicians came through and I mentioned to him that I knew who he was and he said, “You can see me every Sunday at church.” I cringe.

But I have thought about going to church again. Not a worship-god-or-be-damned-church but a good-people-hail-fellow-well-met-church where everyone is valued and by coming to church you make yourself belong to the people who feel the same way you do. Does anyone feel the same way I do? What will make me go if I ever do? I suppose it will be a day when I don’t have to be on call. But last Sunday I realized I had plenty of time after exercise class that I could get dressed and get there. I remember “dressing up” for church all those childhood years. Ugh.

Nice wine and goodies talk with my neighbors after work. A unique couple with a unique relationship. I’m too old and tired for traditional relationships. He wanted to make sure I understood that she doesn’t “have to work” but that he understands that she has to prepare herself for when he is gone since he is many years older.

Men don’t realize that there are more reasons women work than preparing for being without a man. I never got prepared. I always thought I would someday have a man that would tell me I didn’t have to work, but none have ever appeared. Not that I think I have to be told whether I have to work or not. I should have been prepared instead perhaps. I am now, but I don’t really like it.

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