Caged Bird

This is what I wrote about the black and white photograph with the kid sleeping by the bird in the cage:

I love birds. I could watch them all day but they fly away. Mom gave me a bird of my own. He is in a cage and can’t fly away.

I love this bird but I think he is sad that he an’t fly beyond the cage. I like to get really close to the cage and watch him. I like being close to him. I don’t like that he is sad. 

How can I be happy to see him when he is sad to be in his cage? When I look out my window I feel like I am in a cage too. Sad me with a sad bird. Too tired….yawn…huh….

2 thoughts on “Caged Bird”

  1. Have been all over this blog. Very interesting and very revealing. You are brave. Brave to have moved, brave to post. I like the black and whites and many of the colored, and would like to see more of the birds. Wow! A whole website!


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