At the ferry again

Yesterday I was going to write, all packed for the laundrymat with every shred of clothing I would ever wear packed in my car. Then the call came to go to work because the regular guy was sick and had to leave. Ugh. No writing and no thinking about anything. But I did take some “still lifes” and it does suit the ferry dock after dark, very still life there.

And now here I am again. At the ferry. I read the greatest article in the online NYT about the election turn out. It was everything I was thinking and feeling. It didn’t solve anything in my mind or make me feel better though. 

Tomorrow is veterans day, the ferry docks and boats are to fly the american and the POW flags and they will be half staff in various places. I think they should stay that way for the next four years. The headline of the saddest article…”Now it’s OK to hate.”

How could parents raise their children to feel that way? Where does it come from? How can a man who has never done a bit of work or known any hard times lead the country….oh this is not about Trump, I digress.

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