Sunday Night

On a Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sometimes people I meet ask me, “How do you like Port Townsend?” People I used to know ask me, “How do you like Port Townsend?” I ask myself the same.

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We went to eat at Mod Pizza in Redmond Ridge. My daughters are always on the cutting edge of finding new trendy food places. This one was one of those.

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Moving On

When I first moved out here to the opposite side of the country, I decided to make a website that would have a “digital portfolio” so I could apply to big-time high-paying high-times big-paying part-time jobs in Seattle. It only took me two years to get it to the point I could put a link to it in a job application.

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Family Ties

January 19

I have written more than my heart can stand for the past three days.

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First Day of Class

When I went to the bathroom…into the bathroom…this is what I wrote on paper afterwards. That’s why I can’t keep writing on paper. I have been typing too long.

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