I’m tryin’ to think but nuttin’ happens!

Did I find my identity that I was searching for? Did I make a bold move into the unknown shaking off the heavy coils of the past? Did I refine my style of photography so I know what it is? Did I create the sweater of all time by sewing up my swatches in to one? No. But here is what I did get/do/find/make…

  • I thought about this project a lot and molded it to what I thought I wanted to do anyway.
  • I can’t focus on just one thing, and that is nothing new.
  • I created an online blog that was basically just about the present and not about my past life (except for this page).
  • My past does seem to keep interrupting.
  • It is getting hard to figure out when the past ends.
  • I took the damn selfie shots every day (well, maybe missed a few days) even though I do not like them.
  • I wrote something in my blog/journal/this thing almost every day, but now the menu is too overcrowded, so what was a good thing to do, actually created something bad, too many words wrapping around and making a mess of a menu designed to keep things neat and orderly, c’est la vie, my paradoxical life.
  • I thought about the photos of other people we saw in class (people who weren’t born yesterday) in new ways, ways that might be inspiring.
  • Because of the class focus on photography (small pun), I have allowed myself to try to learn more about it rather than be so afraid of it. I’m not exactly afraid of it, I’m afraid that I will never learn it, so my head is in the sand. I was fine taking photos for years without knowing anything other than how to point a camera, then when I tried to learn I saw black in my brain.
  • I loved going to a class with humans rather than watching video training (although I have also been watching John Greengo, my hero)

I have discovered that I like (and I think have always liked) looking at and taking photos with:

    • light and shadow prominent
    • receding or encroaching lines
    • natural stuff, rather than plastic and temporary made-up stuff destined for the landfill during my remaining lifetime
    • photos of old things, people, buildings, objects that have worn well, not destroyed
    • panoramas and photos without end
    • macro shots of tiny details (especially when they are in focus)
    • that are NOT photographs of junk, poverty, messes, sickness, destruction and ugliness


Here are some shots old and sort of new where there are leading or misleading lines: 

And about the identity thing? Someone already wrote about that, and you can read it with a click.

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