Hurricane Ridge and Eclipse Viewing

I had wanted to be in Oregon for the eclipse. It would have been a visit to see Boo, since she lives right in the totality line. But it was rather far to go for a 15-minute viewing. So this Hurricane Ridge viewing area was spectacular. There were hundreds of people there. A little local ad hoc eclipse community forming around a 15-minute event. People just appeared, the place filled up, everyone waiting and talking and practicing their viewing techniques, then when the moon appeared exclaiming for a few minutes, then when it was just the sun again, about half of them packed up and left. The other half (including us) walked on the paths, listened to a Ranger give a talk about the flora and fauna, shopped around the little souvenir shop, walked the dogs (off the paths), and such.

My tour guide, Aquilla filled me in on all the mountains and ridges and rivers and trails you could see. I had also been wanting to go up to see what Hurricane Ridge was and why it was so cool. I would say being able to drive to the top and catch my breath at all the views was about as cool as it gets. There is nothing like it. Makes Maine mountains seem small. So much to learn about this area where I live now. I doubt I will be alive long enough to learn it. This is just one place that is part of the Olympic National Park, and it’s only about an hour away.

I just can’t get over being amazed when I think of the eclipse being the excuse to go there. Now I need more excuses. Here are some photos:

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