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Christine got them at the printer. Says they are beautiful. The printer is proud of them. They got a new machine and amazingly enough Christine is happy with the color. All it took was a new machine. I am happy to know it was not my work that made it look as awful as I heard it was. Anyway the printer wanted to know who designed it and Christine gave us both due praise, her photographs and my design, although she really loves to be involved as she should in more than “just” photography.

As fun and interesting as it is, I don’t see how people can be so utterly enamoured with photography like some of the class people, this class I’m writing in/for/with, and Christine and so many others that want to make it into a business. I have had my love craft and art turned into a business and I just don’t want to do it again. Maybe that’s why I hate billing because it forces me to see my work as business and not as fun. I want fun.

So I went to HansenCrafts today and bought a mini spinner. I don’t know how to spin. I know I would love it if I could spin, but I’m not getting it yet. I watched 10 videos on how to make it work but I can’t make it work. Yet. I know it will be fun though and will never be a business so I could have that new thing. If I can only make it work. i get the concept, but whatever I’m setting is not causing the concept to work.

And I’m so sad that Trump is always on the news and that our political system has been taken over by social media which I abhor as much as I do Trump. I wish he was just someone that I could ignore, but I can’t. It’s not fair.

front of the book

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