old enough

Musical Memorial for Esko

So Saturday night on the way to the memorial for Esko…a great musical tribute with talk about his connection with music and no mushy god stuff…I wish I had known him better, but I think I would have had to have been connected to church stuff more.

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At the ferry again

Yesterday I was going to write, all packed for the laundrymat with every shred of clothing I would ever wear packed in my car. Then the call came to go to work because the regular guy was sick and had to leave. Ugh. No writing and no thinking about anything. But I did take some “still lifes” and it does suit the ferry dock after dark, very still life there.

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Today I was so relieved to be leaving the house, thinking about the prospect of leaving anyway, but before I did leave I ended up fiddling with the website again. It almost felt like I had no job, was retired and going to a class like the rich people seem to have time to do. Then I would be a brain flash about, oh wait, what day is it, do I have to work at the ferry today, no, it’s my day off, the reason I could be going to the class, leaving the house.

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