Here’s Hope

Brought this old dog home on Monday, January 9. Heard about a group of Shelties needing a home for old dogs. Since my dog and I are old, I rushed right down. Her name is Hope, but I call her Hopie.

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at the gym early


December 1 = November 30 late at night. I have about three hours tomorrow and Friday to get my final “Focus on Yourself” photo class day done. I realize I have no trouble focusing on myself. It is all I have to focus on. So according to the class notes, I need to pick from “Community,” “Landscape,” or “Dreams.”

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walking at night on Tyler

Contemplating a cold

I am sick with a runny nose. If I didn’t blow my nose and sop it up with a tissue every few minutes, would it keep on draining out and fill a bucket?

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ferry at night

Ferry on Thanksgiving Day

Lots of nice people at the ferry today. I can’t believe I was driving to work at 4:55 am. Some people said, “Thank you for working today.” Mr. Rosecrantz one of the town politicians came through and I mentioned to him that I knew who he was and he said, “You can see me every Sunday at church.” I cringe.

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getting set up with video tutorials handy

Our books are published

Christine got them at the printer. Says they are beautiful. The printer is proud of them. They got a new machine and amazingly enough Christine is happy with the color. All it took was a new machine. I am happy to know it was not my work that made it look as awful as I heard it was. Anyway the printer wanted to know who designed it and Christine gave us both due praise, her photographs and my design, although she really loves to be involved as she should in more than “just” photography.

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ice cream

Beffa Died

A Sort of Eulogy

October 15, 6 days after Beffa died: I opened my half gallon of Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream and thought of Beffa. She used to call or stop by, climb my stairs and knock and send Tippy into a twirl and ask me if I would like to eat some ice cream with her if she brought it over, and she would go to Aldrich’s and get two half gallons, I’d get us bowls and put a little from each flavor. She would tell me I had to keep it so I did. Today I thought of her and I’m sad. I will always think about her and ice cream that I bought at Aldrich’s.

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header I made for a member newsletter

Back to the 50’s we go

So maybe the harsh reaction of yesterday is related to the sickening outrage I feel over the election results, that he who must not be named is now going to be president. It has all been said by people much more eloquent and smart than I, so I won’t try to add anything to the descriptions of the future we are all in for. The fact that the country is going to go back to the 50’s and start all over again to combat racism, sexism, intolerance hate and bigotry (to only mention a few).

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