Wider Than Wide

So I got a new wide angle lens, A room shot is kind of distorted so I wanted to make a panorama out of a few non-distorted, not so wide shots. So I used my new tripod and took 6 shots from one point in the photo that was near the left side. I didn’t think about it because I was just playing. Now I want to see what a panorama looks like on the web, like maybe on an iPad which is not as wide. The automatically created image in PS was over 500 MB, but saving as a 6000 px across .jpg kept it at about 4.5 MB, and at 2000 px across was a little over 1 MB. 

Here are the original six images I used to make the pano.

On a desktop computer screen, you click on this one and it opens full width. On an iPad…doesn’t look that great, and edges get cut off..

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