Seeing double

So far the double exposure idea has ended up having sheep in all of them. The idea was to combine my former life (olden days) with my current one, to kind of mirror my thoughts every day as I walk down the street or go to work. The images are all of sheep. Sheep on the ferry or in place of the ferry, sheep on the blank alley wall, sheep in the water and sheep on the road. The fences which are one of the things I miss, haven’t been able to work into my plan. What is in my current thoughts and in my olden days photos hasn’t meshed with my present day limited life. These aren’t really “double exposures.” I made them in Photoshop and I guess they are actually composites. I have made some double exposures with Hipstamatic but I’m not sure they are here anywhere…yet.

Why would I come out here to live, about as far west as I can get from Maine and end up with such a limited life? Couldn’t I have done better? What would better look like? Closer to my children in an apartment I can’t afford in a town I don’t like? What would better be? It would be with sheep. Inter ovis locum praesta. If I forget about sheep, things are really quite fine. 

I need to learn to spin. Could I ever go back to having no computer and just spinning and knitting? I would love to but I don’t think it is possible and very unlikely. That means I have to keep working and making money.

Some of these photos are kind of creepy. I can’t say I like any of them except the one of the lambs on the alley wall. You have to see them bigger which you can do if you click on the smaller ones below.

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