I’m tryin’ to think but nuttin’ happens!

Did I find my identity that I was searching for? Did I make a bold move into the unknown shaking off the heavy coils of the past? Did I refine my style of photography so I know what it is? Did I create the sweater of all time by sewing up my swatches in to one? No. But here is what I did get/do/find/make…

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We went to eat at Mod Pizza in Redmond Ridge. My daughters are always on the cutting edge of finding new trendy food places. This one was one of those.

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Seattle Really Looks Like This

It’s like the photos you see in ads for Seattle. Anyone can take the same photos just riding the ferry from Bainbridge Island and back. I took these on one of my trips to Seattle for training when I first got hired by the Washington State Ferries.

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