two dogs walking

Hope Report and Musings on the Elder Years

Well, I have never seen a more unresponsive dog. She has not wagged her tail or barked since she arrived. Sometimes she seems interested in food or treats, but usually her head is down and she is plodding towards her bed or across the road when we go on our somewhat stilted walks in around the same block. It is hard to interact with her. She doesn’t mind petting and is receptive, but there is no response. Even her level of submission can’t really be called submission because she doesn’t wince or cringe or lie down belly up. This must be dog senility.

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Here’s Hope

Brought this old dog home on Monday, January 9. Heard about a group of Shelties needing a home for old dogs. Since my dog and I are old, I rushed right down. Her name is Hope, but I call her Hopie.

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